Thursday, June 18, 2009

500 and going strong

Last night the Red Sox sold out their 500th consecutive home game which extends their record and is significant's a nice round number. They handed out these postcards to fans at the gates with one of my photos that had a message from the ownership on the back (and a photo credit thankyouverymuch). Just now Larry Lucchino literally slapped me on that back and said that it was a big hit. So, I've got that goin' for me! That sorta thing is good for moral, you know?

I'm happy that tonight is 501 and I can concentrate on the baseball and not so much the hoopla.
Just hoping the rain holds off...


  1. Nice! That has got to make you feel good.

  2. It still would've been nice to get one of those baseballs they were handing out...Damn those so-called "fans" who leave early.

  3. Pretty cool, man. Bring one of those suckers home and frame it!